Sassy Totes


Oh, playing hard to get. I like it, you tease.

You with like it … or you don’t, but you have to admit: it’s pretty stupid that the most offensive thing you can call a woman is a vagina. That’s ridiculous. How is ooey pink goodness offensive?

Give and you shall receive – fair is fair. So if you’re going down, they should be going out (if you catch our drift ;)). 100% Leather. Made/Etched in the US


Grow some with our Balls Deep Tote. 100% Leather. Etched and made in the US


My friend, that is one strong muscle. 100% Leather. Made/Etched in the Us.


100% Leather
Made/Etched in the US
Canvas Removable Insert


Product Description


Our products are handmade – due to human nature, not everything will look identical to the pictures. But you’re unique, so it makes sense that someone so special would get something one of a kind.

If you’re looking for something similar or something completely different, Division31 specializes in made to order pleasure toys and lingerie. For all inquiries, please write to or visit our custom orders page.