Our classes are all about connecting with people and sharing the experience of growing your confidence and understanding of sexuality. They’re designed to allow you to use the support of a group to feel empowered and not alone in your journey. We can also create and make a separate class for just you and your friends if interested. Just let us know!

You can register for our classes on coursehorse.com or by emailing info@division31.com. Please write your name, class, and date you’re interested in in the body or subject of the email. Payment can be venmo or PayPal

Seductive Sirens:
Full course title — Seductive Sirens: Make any man yours by finding your inner sex goddess.  

For men sex is easy, but for a woman finding their inner tiger can be difficult. To help get over that hurdle, Division31 has created seductive sirens for women who want to find their inner sex kitten. Prepare to walk out of this class utterly irresistible!  

In this class, you’ll learn how to be seductive in dating, and in the bedroom. We’ll talk about sex and flirting techniques, as well as tips to make sure that dbag F*ckboi doesn’t get in your head and ruin your confidence. In turn, we will turn you into the F*ckgirl you always knew you could be. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” will be your new motto for when you’re fighting them off with a stick after this class.  

Beers and Babes:
Full course title—What Women Want: Beers and Babes. Dating ladies in the the digital age 

Women, amirite? They can be all kinds of confusing and hard to navigate. Throw technology into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a whole new bag of problems. In this class, we’ll help you learn how to approach women both online and in person, and navigate the murky of waters of empowering feminist ways without becoming the overlooked nice guy. 

You’ll learn how to approach women, deal with rejection, make it to the 3rd date, and get everything you want in the bedroom in a consensual hot way. We’ll also talk about techniques to make you feel like the sexy man you are. For players or monogamists alike, this class is excellent for understanding how to get the girl, while still being respectful and true to yourself.

Cock and CockTails
Men are confusing. But with some basic techniques, you can easily navigate them. In this class, we’ll teach you how to understand, date, and communicate with men in a healthy and empowering way. You’ll learn how to target the right guys, stop attracting jerks, and overall how to entice men without chasing them away. 

Dating can be super fun and empowering with the right perspective and tools. Allow us to help you find your inner spice to make dating an excellent experience for you,  instead of just exhausting. We will go over texting techniques, how to handle your first date, “The Game” and the archaic taboos of sex on the first date. 

Join us for a fantastic experience and a fun time with tasty cocktails and compelling  conversation. Get ready to slay dating like the sexy byotch you are! 

Rebelling Against Rejection:
Do you feel exhausted from dating? Like rejection has become a part of your life? Did you just get out of a relationship? Facing anxiety re-entering the world of dating? Whether you’ve got a broken heart or are just burnt out, this class will help you gain the inner strength, find confidence and remember the fun side of dating. 

Learn how to change your perspective, banish negative feelings, and find empowerment in this crazy world. This class will build your confidence from the ground up focusing on how to overcome any issues blocking your dating success and helping you reach your full, empowered potential as a woman. 

Dating can be fun, all you have to do is change your viewpoint. Let us help you find the joy in dating.